Saturday, October 6, 2012

my new blog

After a lot of requests and a lot of thought, i have decided to fallow in the footsteps of a great pixie, Miranda, and start my own blog. not to take any spotlight away from her mind you. so a little about myself,
My name is Lelu Pixie and I'm a pixie living in a very large world, but i make due. I have a house, a Villa in the mountains, and an apartment in town. I live with a very capable human named Nicole she helps me with all the things i cant do. but its a give and take. I give her fun and laughs and she helps me. and sometimes she talks me into things. like cosplaying as a kidnapped fairy for her gipsy costume.

Ya, that's me in the jar hehe.
i dont do to much, mostly running around my house, i still have a lot to get done on it. and fixing up my new candy store. hoping to open it before this Halloween. ill be transferring all my blogs from Facebook to here in the next few weeks so you all will learn more about my past running around soon.


  1. Awesome! Already loving your blog, Lelu! I'm glad you started one and it'll be great to be able to follow your adventures here! (Facebook has it's good points, but it isn't as good as a blog for some things.) Yaay!

  2. its been a bit bumpy figuring out how to use this thing but i think im getting it. im getting all of the old posts from facebook onto here, its taking forever but it will be worth it. thanks miranda for encouraging me to do this.