Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween time

Halloween is coming and its time to decorate. i love this time of year, fog and cool days. pumpkins and ghost stories. iv never had to decorate such a big place but so far i love it.

 got a few little coffins to place around the house.
 alas poor yorick i know him well, hehe these little skulls are soooooo cool.

 it wouldnt be halloween without spider webs.

 was a little scary standing on a chair put it came out looking great.

 went outside to do the back deck and the front of the house but its freezing tonight so i think ill have to wait to do the rest outside till tomorrow 
well for tonight im done, i think im going to go make some hot chocolate and sit in front of my fireplace. couldn;t ask for a better night for it.

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