Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fairyland candy's grand opening

I made it thru Fairyland candy's grand opening. It was an amazing day. im so glade the weather didnt hurt it any. but wow em i sleepy now.

I got to the store early to get everything set up and make it all perfect.
 Even though it was early there was a very long line waiting outside.
 They were all very excited when i flipped the open sign and opened the doors.
My friend Mikayla came to wish me a good day and get some treats.
 I made my way around the crowd for a bit, answering questions about the candy. The most popular questions were (for the pixies wondering at home..)
Q: were do you get your candy? A: I make all the treats myself in my kitchen.
Q: How do i come up with flavor ideas? A: Some ideas come from friends, others are just my favorite flavors.
Q: Do i take special orders. A: yes!! please i love learning something new.

 I was selling out of stuff so fast, it was amazing. That's one of the reasons im so tired, I must have run up and down that later a 100 times.

I knew this guy would sell me out of the candy apples.
 Once the line started i didnt stop for a long time.

I'm so glade i was able to get some tables for this. A lot of people wanted to eat there treats outside.
The Halloween lolly pops were a big hit too.
 It took hours for the tables to clear out, today could not have been better.

 I still had a few lingerers even after i flipped the closed sign. I have so much restocking to do.
all the Jaw breakers are gone, most of the sticks. half my lolly pops, it was crazy.
 I'm ready for bed!
Yay, today was amazing. now to go home get baking and get some much earned sleep. thank you everyone who came today, it would not have been as great without you.


  1. What an awesome grand opening! Congratulations, Lelu on a job well done! And here's wishing you many profitable and fun days in your candy shop in the future too!

    1. thanks miranda, its a shame you couldnt come too maybe next time :) i think the candy store will do great, people really love there candy around here.

  2. The perfect start to your new venture. Huge congrats, Lelu. I'm delighted for you.

    1. thanks, i cant wait to see what else happens. im so glade its doing well :)