Monday, September 17, 2012


Every year around the first part of September is a big anime convention in colorado called NKD or nan desu kan. this year i got to go.
 its very crowded there so i jumped into the bags side pocket so i wouldn't get lost or trampled.
 once we got to the hotel that was hosting it we had to stand in line and wait for our badges. and let me tell you it was the line from hell, hot and cramped and all you can do is stand against the wall for hours waiting. good think i like coming to this or i could stand just waiting around. but its a great time to see lots of great costumes. i got to go as sleeping beauty.
 yay got my badge at last, now to go to bed so im ready for tomorrow. (con lasts a hole 3 days yay)
 On day 2 Niomie wanted to go. we had the stroller for the humans baby so it made it easy.
 a few of us tagged along. and got to go out of Mexican for lunch. olai hehehe
 we all picked what we wanted off the menu.
 and the home made chips came out. all warm and crisp.
 Mikayla wanted one, but....
 Niomie dissident to be funny (and i use the term lossly) and play keep away with the chips
 but she sheared them after a good laugh on her part.
 then it was off to a dolly meet up. there were so many there it was great.
 i got a little over excited but Niomie made sure i stayed on the table. remember the crowded thing, still don't wanna get trampled.
 and The Docter showed up, and i got to play with his sonic screwdriver. how many pixies can say that!

 just a few of the pixies who came.

 and a big alpaca came too. she was the ride for one of the dolls but she let me take a ride too.
 when we came back for day 3 we had to rush out and get our own alpacas. i know i have a horse at home but come on, its a blue alpaca for heaven sack!
 Mikayla picked a little more normal colored one.
 my costume for this day was a captured fairy so i spent a good chunk of my day in a jar. dont worrie my human was nice about it and she did get me an alpaca after all. so i didnt mind, at least i didnt have to walk.

shes a nice lady, for a human. well my first anime convention was amazing. meet some great pixies and got a new pet. cant wait to do it again next year :)

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