Saturday, October 13, 2012

sweets class

Today i got to go to the most amazing class ever, making Halloween candy. how great is that?
(I will apologies now for the quality of some of my pictures, i was so excited about the class i didn't take great pictures, im sorry.)

 there wasn't to many of us only 6 (7 counting the teacher) humans and 3 pixies. myself  Mikayla and one other pixie, i never got her name. poor Miranda had to work up front so she missed it.
 the teacher Jeanie showed us some different ways to do things. I'm rolling out the dough for the bat cookies.
 Jeanie is a genuise. she showed us how to use scrape book paper punches to make cookies. I'm so making this for the store!
 then we cut out tombstone cookies, mine kinda came out looking like little coffins, but thats ok.
 the eyeball candys were really cool. 
 see its got green eyes. like me, yicks hope my eyes dont end up on a stick!
 not everything was scary though. we made candy kisses and my favorite Halloween candy, candy corn.
 and cupcakes. After class i think i went into a candy coma.
 This was our first batch that came out of the oven. I went a little candy corn crazy.
we didnt get everything done so I get to go back next week and do more, after the class was over i rushed to the shop to see what i could use in the store. Oh the ideas i have.......

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