Saturday, July 27, 2013

A new friend

I knew someone new was coming but other then that i didnt know anything about her. was she nice? was she small like me or big? so many questions but before anything could get answered the humans house flooded. i quickly get a few things together and headed to the hotel with the human family.

 after one night in the hotel we had news that a box had arrived. i rushed out to see if it was her. but figured if im going to meet someone new id better be dressed.
 after getting dressed, i quickly made my way up onto the bed to check out the box. sure enough it was the girl we all had been waiting for. i couldnt wait to meet her.

 she was so happy to have the lid off the box. the only vampire id ever met was my friend Neco so to meet another vampire that was closer to my size was really cool.
 she asked if she could use my suitcase to get out of the box so she could introduce herself properly
 she said her name is Elana, she looked shorter in the box. i was really surprised by how big she was. guess im still the smallest girl in the group, but im ok with that.
 didnt take long for Elana to see we were in a hotel room.  "you live in a hotel?" i couldn't stop laughing. so i quickly explained about the flood and how we had to stay here for a few days so it all could dry. i think she was a little disipointed.
 i showed her around and told her she was welcome to stay in my tent as long as we had to stay at the hotel.
i love making new friends. :D

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

fun in the sun

Its been so hot i left town and headed up to my mountain home. after staying in the townhouse i almost forgot how big this place is. its so nice to be out of town in the peace and quite of nature.
it was so peaceful i could hear every little sound in the forest. including a cute little squirrel that came to say hi

 he seemed to really like the sand in the backyard. and he was supper friendly

 but after playing for a time i needed to head back inside and get some dishes done.
 but just as i got the water going and started to fill up the sink, i keeped hearing the strangest sound behind me.
 turns out the little squirrel fallowed me inside and is making himself at home.
Guess i have a new friend, i cant get him to leave. i think he likes me hehe.
 i was not the only one having fun in the heat today. i spotted some love birds by the gardens.
Amira and Jason were having some alone time. im not an eves droper but i did hear what was said so heres a peak into there love. how sweet.

Amira was walking around the gardens just looking at all the flowers 
she ran into her boyfriend Jason, 
Jason: if you like the flowers i have something to show you, come on.

 they walked thru the whole place, looking at all the different arrangements
Amira: they all smell so lovely. thank you hunny to showing me around.
Jason: anything for you dear.
Amira: its all so beautiful

 Jason: but hold on, theres one last thing i want to show you. stay here.
 Jason: this will be perfect.
 Jason: hold out your hand and close your eyes.
 Jason: a beautiful flower for my beauty
 Amira: oh Jason its lovely, thank you. your so sweet.
love you
 i love you too

 seems everyone has had a great day.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So i saw last night that it was snowing really hard out. so today i got up all excited, made a quick breakfast, bundled up and headed outside. Well there was not as much snow as i was hoping but had fun none the less.
 Made a few snow angels

 even got into a snow ball fight. but the ground was a little scary to walk on so it didnt last long.
made a cute little snowman, didnt have anything to use for eyes or a nose but the body was there.
even found a few spots that it got kinda deep. but by this point i was frozen to the bone. so i headed back in to sit with a cup of hot coco. all in all not a bad day. hope every one stayed warm.

Monday, April 15, 2013

moving day

sorry all, i know this blog is late. but im all moved into my house at long last. but what what a move it was.
 getting everything packed up from my studio was really easy. it will be really close to my house so i might keep some clothing there and turn it into a big closet :D
 some pictures from the building stage i never got to post up. heres the light in the kitchen going in.
 and putting up the living room wall paper.
 The appliances got delivered this morning and the lights turned on. time to move in :D
 I have to say i didnt fully think it thru before i picked the day to move. had no one to help me get everything into the house >.<
 and by is there a lot to get done.
 I'm so happy i dont have to do anything with the appliances. at least thats one less thing to worry about.

 best thing to do first. figure out where everything is going. nothing worse then moving furniture, twice. i love my new room. its going to be a little crowded but thats ok. i love my big bed.

 ill need to add some shelves in the bathroom for towels.
 and the stone got laid on the ruff top patio. it looks so great.

 im not going all the way up to the garden level as i dont have the fence up yet. safety first.
 ok time to get working.
 why oh why did i chose to do this alone!
 ya glass topped table. small town house door. this could be fun.

 the dressers were easy. the bed... that scares me.
 i know i should get all the big stuff in before worrying over a spice rack, but after fighting the bed upstairs. i needed an easy job.

 theres still some things im missing, i need to get an entertainment center and some pictures for the walls. but its a good start. feels good to sit for a moment. but all good things have to end hehe. didnt take long before i heard another moving truck out front. but i couldnt figure out what it would be. 
 the padio furnitcher for the ruff!!!!!!!!  i completely forgot it was coming today too. and its pure concrete.....
 and it has to go alllll the way up there.
 as i wait for a few guants to come and help with the patio ill get the little stuff put away like my new book nuk. 
even get in some ready too. still have a little to do before its perfect. but home sweet home. :D