Monday, September 17, 2012


Every year around the first part of September is a big anime convention in colorado called NKD or nan desu kan. this year i got to go.
 its very crowded there so i jumped into the bags side pocket so i wouldn't get lost or trampled.
 once we got to the hotel that was hosting it we had to stand in line and wait for our badges. and let me tell you it was the line from hell, hot and cramped and all you can do is stand against the wall for hours waiting. good think i like coming to this or i could stand just waiting around. but its a great time to see lots of great costumes. i got to go as sleeping beauty.
 yay got my badge at last, now to go to bed so im ready for tomorrow. (con lasts a hole 3 days yay)
 On day 2 Niomie wanted to go. we had the stroller for the humans baby so it made it easy.
 a few of us tagged along. and got to go out of Mexican for lunch. olai hehehe
 we all picked what we wanted off the menu.
 and the home made chips came out. all warm and crisp.
 Mikayla wanted one, but....
 Niomie dissident to be funny (and i use the term lossly) and play keep away with the chips
 but she sheared them after a good laugh on her part.
 then it was off to a dolly meet up. there were so many there it was great.
 i got a little over excited but Niomie made sure i stayed on the table. remember the crowded thing, still don't wanna get trampled.
 and The Docter showed up, and i got to play with his sonic screwdriver. how many pixies can say that!

 just a few of the pixies who came.

 and a big alpaca came too. she was the ride for one of the dolls but she let me take a ride too.
 when we came back for day 3 we had to rush out and get our own alpacas. i know i have a horse at home but come on, its a blue alpaca for heaven sack!
 Mikayla picked a little more normal colored one.
 my costume for this day was a captured fairy so i spent a good chunk of my day in a jar. dont worrie my human was nice about it and she did get me an alpaca after all. so i didnt mind, at least i didnt have to walk.

shes a nice lady, for a human. well my first anime convention was amazing. meet some great pixies and got a new pet. cant wait to do it again next year :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

camping trip

even though summer is almost over i got a new tent. got a great deal cuse it is almost fall.
 Mikayla Pixie and i decided to camp it out in the yard. we played games had treats it was great.
 we finally passed out
 but in the early morning we got woken up by rain, it was freezing.

 we made a run for the house, the blanket got socked
 but we weren't far from the house. and we left the back door unlocked in case we needed to get into the house.
luckly i had some logs in the house so we made a fire and sat with coco and tried to warm up and dry off. well at least ill never forget my first camping trip.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mountain trip

I was spending some time at my villa when i heard the humans were planning a trip to some land they own in the high up mountains.
 so of coarse i wanted to go. i love the mountains, thats why i live there due. hehee
 just a few days before a new girl came to live in the woods. her names Naiomi. she asked if she could go too. the more the marryer  right.
 there was even my fav. snack muddy buddies
 sure do love them muddy buddies

got up to the land, the new house they are building sure is beautiful.

and the view from the deck is just amazing
 it was nice to sit and get to know Niomie for a bit. she seems really nice.
 MMMmmmmm muddy buddie. ok maybe not the greatest lunch ever but its a day of fun and its muddy buddies
 Everyone just hanging out on the deck before going off to explore. got to let lunch settle. 
For thoughs that dont know thats Mikayla's friend Rachel sitting with her.  
When we all finly got out of the house and started exploring it was even better. we had only gone a little when we found a huge patch of flowers tall as a pixie, it was lovely.
 Mikayla really liked them.
 It's so odd to be thinking of a tree as huge, climbing it and having all kinds of fun. then having someone walk over and by eye level with you. but it was still fun. and Rachel and Niomie helped us got down.

 there was so much to see and explore. we got a little excited.
after about a mile or so in the forest it cleared out a bit and we found a large cave
 it went on forever before we found a hole in the ceiling. Mikayla kinda wanted to turn back but we decided to  keep going anyway.
 we did stop and sit for a bit. its hard work exploring.
 the cave let out on another side of the mountain. we must have been miles from the house. to bad i forgot my phone.
 In for a penny in for a pound so we left the cave behind and keeped going. found another group of trees.
 Mikayla wanted to do some cloud watching.
 Rachel and Niomie got in on it too.
 we didnt stop for long though, then it was off again, we found a small mountain and decided to clime it. looked like it would lead us back to the right side of the range so we could start our way home.
it was fun. even if parts were really hard to get over. 
 some steeper then others.
 Rachael has a hard time. shes not much of a mountain person.
 but we all made it to the top,
 the view from this high was amazing. we were so proud of ourselves

we walked across the sumet, its a LONG way down the other side. and most of it was straight down. Ruby, my pet dragon didn't come along for this trip so we had to look for another way down. it was a long range of peaked so we wondered for a bit on top and found a much more forgiving way down.
we finly made it down and started back. we found this really odd little clearing
 mikayla headed home but i wanted to explore the clearing. something just told me i should. odd i know but when you live in a fairy world odd things seem to happen.
 i found this little circle of trees and when i got close i heard a really strange noise.
The noise turned out to be a horse. she was lovely, and she just appeared in the center of the tree circle. I mean appeared like poof.
she was really nice and i got the felling she wanted to be friends. every time i tried to leave she walked up and bumped me or would walk in front of me and not let me leave the trees. I know horses are smart so i just looked her in the eyes  and ask, "what do you want? do you need something?" she keeped motioning for me to mount up.

 who says no to a fairy horse? finally i just let her have what she wanted and road her home. i guess i got the horse iv been wanting just never expected it to be a fairy horse. .... sure are a lot of fairys coming into our family lately. maybe its a sign or something.