Wednesday, June 26, 2013

fun in the sun

Its been so hot i left town and headed up to my mountain home. after staying in the townhouse i almost forgot how big this place is. its so nice to be out of town in the peace and quite of nature.
it was so peaceful i could hear every little sound in the forest. including a cute little squirrel that came to say hi

 he seemed to really like the sand in the backyard. and he was supper friendly

 but after playing for a time i needed to head back inside and get some dishes done.
 but just as i got the water going and started to fill up the sink, i keeped hearing the strangest sound behind me.
 turns out the little squirrel fallowed me inside and is making himself at home.
Guess i have a new friend, i cant get him to leave. i think he likes me hehe.
 i was not the only one having fun in the heat today. i spotted some love birds by the gardens.
Amira and Jason were having some alone time. im not an eves droper but i did hear what was said so heres a peak into there love. how sweet.

Amira was walking around the gardens just looking at all the flowers 
she ran into her boyfriend Jason, 
Jason: if you like the flowers i have something to show you, come on.

 they walked thru the whole place, looking at all the different arrangements
Amira: they all smell so lovely. thank you hunny to showing me around.
Jason: anything for you dear.
Amira: its all so beautiful

 Jason: but hold on, theres one last thing i want to show you. stay here.
 Jason: this will be perfect.
 Jason: hold out your hand and close your eyes.
 Jason: a beautiful flower for my beauty
 Amira: oh Jason its lovely, thank you. your so sweet.
love you
 i love you too

 seems everyone has had a great day.