Tuesday, October 23, 2012

town home tour

I went to norm's today and was able to do a tour of my new townhouse.
 there is still a lot left that needs to be done, but all in good time.
at least the stairs are in to the front door. its a big step without them.
I really like the raised kitchen. I'm thinking of putting a railing to separate the living room and kitchen. i may need to get a storage unite so i can start getting furniture for this house.

 and the deep window box in the kitchen will be great to turn into a breakfast nook. Get a good cushion and put a table here, sounds nice. 
 this looks like a great way to start a day, cant wait.
 Time to check out upstairs
 not sure how i feel about the stairs being in my room but its okay. its a good room, a small bed and a dresser.
and i love the potential view from here. this is going to be a great little book ready spot.
 and every house needs a bathroom. im thinking a corner shower to save space.
 and the ruff top patio is going to be great. A small garden, maybe a hot tub, some chairs. oh ya this is going to be great.

I can see for miles up here. Definitely need to put up some railings or something. Thats a long way to fall.
After i took my notes and made some requests to the construction guys i headed back to my little apartment. I wanted to swing by the candy store on the way. i was surprised by what i found.
There is a line outside my store!!! I put an add in the locale paper about the store opening tomorrow, and now there is people camped outside the store, wow. i hope i dont let them down tomorrow. I'v never known anyone camping out for a candy store. guess tomorrow will be a big day!


  1. Wow, Lelu! It looks amazing! I am so bummed I missed the tour (stupid headache), but getting to see it on your blog is almost as good! And that's so great that people are lining up for your grand opening! I can't wait to see! It'll be awesome!

  2. I'm sorry you couldnt come today, but I'll see you sat. im glade you could see the house even if its not in person. i cant wait to start finishing it. i couldnt get a good head count on the store cuse the tent was all closed up but still, WOW lol

  3. Your townhouse has so much wonderful potential; really looking forward to seeing the finished home!

  4. What an amazing house. I can see the joy of it in your face. Brilliant!

  5. Looks like this will be a lot of fun!!