Friday, August 15, 2014

im back! but to what??

 Hi all, I'mmmm bbaaackkkk! So for thoughs who dont have me on facebook. long story short i lost track of time in the fairy realm. sorry! so didn't mean to stay away this long but can you blame me? the pixie realm is just so.... peaceful compared to the human one. ok, short recap, a little over a year ago my humans home flooded, kicking us all out onto the street. the man went to his fathers and she went to her grandmas. I hung around for a little bit but things were just way to crazy and stressful for everyone so i took a vacation. (yes yes a year long one but still a vacation) it was so nice to be back there. for thoughs that have never been to the pixies world, its an amazing place.

 the flowers are as big as you are. and they small like nothing i can explain. you think human flowers smell good. you're funny!

 Its a world full of forests and wonderful places. course i cant take pictures everywhere it is the PIXIE realm after all, some things we are not aloud to share outside pixie kind, sorry humans.
 One spot i can share with you is the mushroom grove. its my favored place to hang out when im there. its were all the mushrooms come from you know. pixie are in charge of growing them.

some are huge, well to a pixie anyway. 

 I got to help raise some. that is always a treat. they start off so small, you humans wouldnt even begin to see them for a long time. but thats when they are my favorite, i love the babies.
but all good things have there place and i love both worlds so i knew id come home soon. the realm is kinda strange when it comes to melding the worlds. but the full moon is the easiest time to get thru, person, pixie or signal. i always check my email on a full moon.
 But this time i got the surprise of a lifetime. A friend of mine who checks in on my house from time to time emailed me and told me there had been an earthquake or tornado or something and my whole neighborhood was trashed, including my house.  
 I was shocked speechless, and to boot she said it looked like vandals had gotten to it too. good thing i have connections and could get there quick. shot an email back said id be there soon.
 when she said trashed, she was NOT kidding! the place was a mess.
 and things you'd never expect were missing, like my dinning room table.
 and the living room, oh man. (my tv and dvd player were outside on the lawn)
 luckly there didnt seem to be to much damage to things. the couch was alright. velvet is hard to repair.
 and really who steals a frig!?
 all they left me to eat was a box of oreos, now dont get me wrong i love my cookies but really??
 upstairs was no better.
 they even took my toilet. and thats a little extreme to go after someones potty. man these people were strange!
 thankfully the stuff that really mattered to me was ok. my room was a mess but everything was still there. if anyone had taken my bed nothing would have stopped me from hunting them down. i know some big dolls so watch out!

 this was all a little much for me to take in. no one could tell me what had happend. it was like someone came along and shook my house or something.
 but you got to look on the bright side of things. still got my bed :D
 i was not to worried about my attic as i dont keep much up there.
 the only room with something in it is the office that never really gets used. and it looked fine, other then the chair being tipped.

luckly i know a few pixies in the area i can stay with tonight, ill be back this weekend to clean up this disaster better head to down to town then and check my townhouse, i hope its ok!