Saturday, October 20, 2012

treat class prt 2

Last Saturday we had the first spooky treat class at norm's
but our teacher loved us so much and wanted to teach us so much, we didnt get to finish everything. So today we got to go back to Norm's and do more. yay!
 since i had the class last week i know a bit more what to bring this time. A good chair being first on the list. Today was finishing the spider cupcakes, making tombstone cakes, and more candy kisses.
 I never expected candy to have such attitude but these spider cupcakes keeped running from me.
 we had to take the 'naked' spiders and put the hair on them.
 I think it was trying to thank me but i was soooooo freaked out. A giant spider crawled up my arm and into my hair. NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!
 after that scare i needed a brake. so we all got up to stretch our legs a bit and i went to deliver a few more treats to Miranda for her upcoming Halloween party. as a thank you she got me a new shirt. i love it, cant wait to ware it. thanks Miranda your the greatest!
 Cant rest for to long, to much to do. so back to work! we made little stands to hold our cupcakes (im going to have nightmares about that cupcake.) with a little raven on top. love ravens..."never more.." hehehe.
 and then we made a cake with little tombstone and bat cookies. i wanted to eat it right then and there but i didnt. figured id save it for later. thats a lot of cake. over all it was a great class. I loved it and cant wait for the next one. im thinking of putting together one of my own if Norm's would have me. I have lots of food ideas i could share. who knows though. After class i got to wondering Norm's and found an amazing little townhouse. its a little out of my price range but they will take payments on it. so i got it. singed my mortgage paperwork today. ill owe on it for a little bit and i cant build till its payed off, Pixie store policy. i swear all thoughs trickster pixie's given us honest ones a bad rep. but i understand. pictures soon promise.

With so much good news to share, the store opening this next week, becoming the full time baker for C&M, getting my new house i wanted to celebrate a bit. So when i got home i thru a small pizza party for everyone. today was a great day!


  1. That was a really exciting day & getting a new house. ..eventually. you're going to be really busy.
    Well done on the new venture.

  2. thank im really happy about it all. im getting usto being busy, at least i know i will always have somthing to do hehe.