Friday, October 19, 2012

baking for c&m

 told you i got carried away hehe. Halloween cookies, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake so much goodness on one tray.
 took all the stuff into Norm's today to give to Miranda. She was very excited. we sat down and talked business over some of the  cinnamon rolls. i lost her to day dreams of coffee cake for a bit.
 As a thank you for all the treats Miranda sent me home with a big box of fun, some stuff for the grand opening of Fairyland Candy, and some that's just for me.
 Good thing i picked up a later at norm's today.
 but when i started surveying the box, i found something i was not exactly expecting.
 three stowaways, they said that Miranda told them about the candy store opening up here in the wood and wanted to see it. i told them it was not for another week but they asked to stay anyway. figured it would be nice to have the company, so why not.

 how in the world did they get into this box without anyone seeing is beyond me.
 after everyone was safely on the ground and out of the box we made our formal introductions. didn't realize just cuse i opened a store i became on 'honer' to meet hehe.
 they helped me pull out some of the tables we are using for the grand opening so they could sit. turns out these guys are pretty helpful to have around.
 set everything up and made everyone comfy.
 there was a lot of stuff in this box, some that's way to big for me to use. but there's some giants that live here so it works.
 sooooo much fun stuff!
 Miranda even thru in a poster for the coffee shop.

there is some great great stuff in that box. it will take a bit to go thru all of it. that is if i can stop getting side tracked, ITS A SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheh


  1. Hey, Lelu! Love it!!! I love all the treats you sent me home with, and I would absolutely love to have you as a regular baker for C&M! You need to send me a copy of your logo so I can put it on the case. Okay?

    And I'm glad the hitch-hikers were able to help you unpack! I hope it's a grand grand opening! Can't wait to see how it goes!!!

    See you tomorrow at Norm's again for more candy making!!!

  2. WOW! What a great idea to have all those yummy candies. Lelu, it looks like you needed the stowawayz. More Hands to help is always good.

  3. it was so nice to have more hands. I was very thankful. your more then welcome Miranda, its an honer to bake for your store. I am more then happy to make anything you need.