Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fairyland candy takes shape

well iv had the idea for a candy store for a long time. a few months back i started the process. I have my building permits and the walls up. now onto the little stuff and beleave me there's a lot of it still to do.
we started putting in the floor, one marble tile at a time.

 it took forever
but i like the end effect. i think i did good, for never laying flooring before.

 next the walls, took a bit to pick out just the right paper.
 wallpaper can be a bit tricky.
and laying each brick outside. at one point i wanted to bang my had against the wall. this is way harder then i thought. looks good though so we keep going.

it didn't help that each brick was so small.

 but we got the front done. still have the sides to do, but ill take a victory were i can get one.
helps having my new dragons around to help me.

just got them yesterday so they dont have names yet but they are really sweet. i love them. they were so lovingly hatched by Narihde Wolfee look her up on facebook if you need a dragon companion.

took a brake from doing the brick to paint the window and door.

 was going to do them in all purple but after i started i liked the white accenting better.
 but couldn't neglect the inside for long. painting the front of the shop white to offset the window display.

Took a little brake to horse around with the dragons. all work and no play make cranky dragons, and pixies too.

 It's a long ways from done, but its coming along nicely. i think in the next few weeks we should be open. better start handing out flyers. wonder if i could put one up in C&M ??

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  1. Oh WOW!!! It looks amazing, Lelu! Congratulations! And we'd be honored to put up fliers for you around the Wylde Kingdom! Bring them Saturday to Norm's and I'll get them from you there. Sound okay?