Sunday, October 21, 2012

fairyland candy

It passed! fairyland candy had its health inspection today and we are all ready to go. so the grand opening will be this week as planed. After he left there was so much to do.

 A few nights ago i went ahead and started a few things, the inspector didn't seem to mind. A few Halloween decorations.
 Stocking the register.
 setting out the bags and making sure the scale is right.
 I know ribbon candy is usually a Christmas treat, but i really like them so ill carry them year round. So i grabbed a few bowls to place them in.

I have been baking and mixing all the candys all last week, its nice to get them placed finally.
 Filled the hard candy cases.
 I think everyone will really like these.
 and placed the all day sucker in the pillar.
 placed a few things in the cookie case but most of them will have to wait till the day i open to be fully stocked.
 well, we are as ready as we will ever be. I cant wait.
i was so excuted to be able to put up my opening soon sign. its official.
not 5 minites after i put up my opening soon sign, i had someone looking thru my window. i guess the candy apples will be a hit.
After i finished the last of the set up it was time to lock up and get home. its late and there is still a bit of baking to due before Wednesday. sure is a lot that goes into opening a store.
Its going to be a great opening i can feel it. this place is going to be packed.
and i think the line has already started.... kinda scary hehe.

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  1. Looks great, Lelu! Can't wait to see the grand opening! And congratulations on the beginning of your line! :) Folks already want it! That's awesome!