Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dinner at the farm

 i was out walking today and came across this really cute tree house.

the steeps were a little hard to climb but i just had to see inside the house.

 it was a heck of a view.

 not much inside
 but when i looked out the other window i saw a sign,
White fence farm?! oh ya im sooo getting dinner

cant wait to eat. i love this place

lets see, what to get.....

if you coming to the white fence farm you have to get the chicken.


i love the hush puppies.


 yay chickens here.
only one hush puppie is so mine

mckayla, let go, come on let go.

uhg..... i guess we both win.

OOOoooooooooooOOOO im sooooooooo full.

..... corse theres always room for cake.

nothing helps dinner settle like a good walk, and theres so much to see around a farm.

i think the cow likes me.

love coming here. theres just so much to see and do. i got to play with the big animals and micayla got a flute. cant wait to come back.

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