Tuesday, July 31, 2012

getting moved in

 well moving is a slow proses but its coming along. i still have so much to do but its all coming together at last.
 didnt get the blankets unpacked yet so i just pulled out my sleeping bag, it works. and even matches my wallpaper. yay. and again with an empty bookshelf, guess ill have to find a book store soon. miri's store sells book i think
 ok up and about. now what to wear?
check on my temporary roomie

oh great shes a morning person and here im still in pjs

ok dressed and ready for the world.

go check on ruby

who know dragons could be so sweet, good think she likes me, would not want to be dragon breakfast.

 ok ok, bad idea bad idea. im soooooo going to die.
 or not. this is kinda cool. but no soaring over the house or anything. well not yet anyway.
 dont know how clean dragons are, better safe then sorry.
now to add some flair to the house. just a little balance and.... there we go. was a little scary there for a moment. but the plants look nice.
 i think ill go sit on my deck and injoy the morning air.

 i love the view from here.
 i went to grab some breakfast but i have one little, ok not little one BIG problem, i have no kitchen. guess im ordering out till i can get some kitchen stuff.

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