Monday, August 6, 2012

the closet

i had moved a little closet into my house but it was to small for me so i ordered a new one.
 it came today, its so pretty.
 i cant what to get everything put away.
 the hangers fit, after a little modification.
 now onto organizing everything.
 ..... is it good or bad i have more then will fit in the closet?! this could be a problem.
 well it didnt all fit, not even half but at least my favorites are there, and now i have a use for the craft Popsicle sticks i have. onto making another closet from thoughs.
 so on to making a Popsicle closet. first got to lay the frame work.
 it has to be big enough for new clothes in the future.
 glue it all down
 i think with all the clothes going into it, i should put braces were the rode will go.
 now to make a cloths rode, ill use the stick off of q-tips. about the right size.
 now to put the stuff away.
 it looks ok, but somethings missing........
 a shoe rack would be the perfect last touch.
i may need to add another shoe rack in the future maybe even a second story, but for now. absolute perfection.

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