Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interview with miss Magenta

I have come to the realization that not many of the dolls living here have meet, well anyone from the outside world. so i have decided to take it upon myself to interview everyone and at least introduce them to the world. 
 Oh look, its Magenta. She is the only cat who lives here. lets go say hi.

Hi Magent, how are you today, mind if i ask you a few questions?
 mag: me? um, sure i guess. whats this for? whats with the camera?
I'm doing interviews of everyone who lives in the crazy woods. mind being my first victim hehe?
 Mag: sure....
lelu: Thanks, well your name is Magenta and your a cat, so whats your story?
mag: well i came to live here almost a year ago, my twin sister lives in the mountains were your house is. not much to say im kinda shy but have a big feisty side :) im the only one of my size that lives here for now but i know that will change.
lelu: well thanks Magenta for talking to me. well guys ill be doing interviews with every one who lives here. so look for more soon.

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