Friday, August 3, 2012

a trip to norm's dollhouse

 i told Miranda Wylde that i would be visiting Norm's today so she said to meet at the pub thats there and she would show me around. my friend Micayla came along for the fun of it.
first miranda showed me the most amazing house ever. she was the first pixi ever to step foot in there. how great is that. sooooo jealous

its huge i would love to see the inside but its protected for its safety, its very old.

theres some crazy stuff in this place. i was wondering around and i found what looks like a haunted house. its kinda pretty in a very scary way.

i was going to go inside but chickened out. iv heard to many stories that start with "it looked scary but i was curios" and end with "we dont know what happened, we never saw her again"

i wanted to get something to learn to play so miri showed me a few of the instruments they had. i really like the harp but wasn't sure.

but the main reason i came to Norm's today was to get a kitchen. ordering chines and pizza all the time is getting old. Miri was nice enough to show me some of the ideas that were there. i think im going to have to do this in chunks.

well i got everything i can today so time to pay and get home. thanks Miranda for all the help.

 as you can see i didnt get the harp but it turns out i have a bit of a knack for the violin
 and my new bed is amazing. its soo comfy
 sadly mickayla thought so too, but in a much different way
before i could stop her she was jumping away, on MY NEW! bed.

i told her to stop

but as a last bit of defiance she jumped and landed hard on the bed.

i had to be stern.

she was mad that i put her in time out, but whats a girl to do.

once her time out was over she begged to jump again, guess the time out and scolding didnt make a big impact.

i said no, she is such a strange little girl.

its not much but its my little apartment set up still the movers can take it up the mountain to my house.

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