Friday, August 10, 2012

more boxes

im so over moving, i love my new house but man is there a lot to get figured out.
 i still have a lot to do. for every box i put away i find 5 more. but at least i have plenty of room to put stuff.
 i finally got my living room set up the way i want. still need to make a few changes as to the exact furniture but im happy. now i get to put stuff away.
 im so happy to have all my movies in my house. theres nothing better then a night at home with a good movie and popcorn.
my kitchen still has a LONG way to go but its a start.
got my new bed shipped to the house too. i love it. time to make dinner and watch a movie.
now to figure out what to make. so glade to have my kitchen, im over fast food.

 let see, what to watch?
 disided on an old classic,Saturday night fever.

 love my new house.

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