Saturday, September 1, 2012

secret shop

so Miranda Wylde showed me this old shop she has had sitting in her neighborhood for ages. at first i was going to do a bar.

 but the more i looked at it the more i had a different direction of thought.
 some things would need to be changed. but there's more then enough shelving space for what i need.  yes i have a great idea for this store. but with the candy store too, im going to need some help.

 i called my friend Morgian to come by and look at it.
she really liked it.

so i asked her if she would run the store for a bit until we got someone who would want to on a preeminent basis. she said she would love too.

so i told her the supper secret ideas i had.
spasd iont sdet (faint whispers)

ok not another word till you all leave. its a secret remember, now shoo.

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