Friday, January 11, 2013

Too long

I know i know i vanished off the face of the planet. sorry :( things have been super busy around here, you could even imagine. so in the light of everything, im just going to sum it all up in one blog, and not make you read 3 or 4 hehe.

 I went to a sale day for our local pix and doll group. my human has started making these amazing clay figures. I'v gotten some great pets out of it.
 I didnt do much selling, just sat at the table and played with the animals.
 Niomi came along too. she really likes the dragons. if you get the chance check out the web-page iv been helping make some. that a hole ether bloth.
 Before i know it its time for christmas. we all went to Bass Pro Shop, wow, that place is cool. they had a huge tank of fish. biggest fish id ever seen. could feed a pixie for a month.
 they had all these animals there. all kinds from bears to sheep to wolves it was amazing. probably one of the few pixies to get a picture with a bear.
 after some shopping it was off to see santa. he had his reindeer there and i was able to play in the snow with comit. it was amazing. not much of a talker though.
on the way home we stopped to do some christmas shopping and i found the greatest little fiber optic tree. it changes colors and fits in my little cubby. i love it.
 but nothing can replace a real old fashion tree. i was not able to get it up as early as i would have liked but better late then never.

iv got to get more stuff next year. my tree looked like charily browns :(
 sad tree or not christmas comes. and boy did it come big this year. how often do you get a present that is bigger then you? took some time to figure out how to open it.

 took forever to push that much paper around but it was worth ever second.
 I GOT A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I got a car for christmas, well a jeep but still. O.O i got a car.
it needs a little work, it has no set belts but thats easy to fix. it was such a great christmas. and with all the holiday madness passed i should be back to blogging more for thoughs that have missed me :)

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