Saturday, January 19, 2013

Construction starts!

construction has started on my row house!!! im soooooooo happy. just a small house for when im in town and cant get to my house in the mountains. im so sick of my cramped little cubby there's just no room.
yes i still have my tree up, dont judge me hehe. I payed the last payment on the house this week so now we can get to work. I dont have the know how or a hard hat so iv not been doing the work, but they made an exception and let me look around today.
 [the picture just wont turn for nothing, sorry] some work has already been started. the main part of the outside has been painted.
 and the stairs stained. none of the walls are in or the doors and windows. kinda strange looking right now.

 it wont be a huge place but it will be nice. it will still be a bit before i can move in. but its worth the wait.
 Im going to get a nice purple runner for the stairs.

 nothing has been done for upstairs yet. its a bedroom and bathroom, but the walls or pluming has not been done yet.
i wanted to check out my ruff top patio but the ladder to the trap door has not been put up. wow, thats a long ways up.

well its coming. the construction crew says we are kinda stalled out now till we the the electrical worked out. then i can come in and start working on the inside. i cant wait!!!!!!

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