Saturday, July 27, 2013

A new friend

I knew someone new was coming but other then that i didnt know anything about her. was she nice? was she small like me or big? so many questions but before anything could get answered the humans house flooded. i quickly get a few things together and headed to the hotel with the human family.

 after one night in the hotel we had news that a box had arrived. i rushed out to see if it was her. but figured if im going to meet someone new id better be dressed.
 after getting dressed, i quickly made my way up onto the bed to check out the box. sure enough it was the girl we all had been waiting for. i couldnt wait to meet her.

 she was so happy to have the lid off the box. the only vampire id ever met was my friend Neco so to meet another vampire that was closer to my size was really cool.
 she asked if she could use my suitcase to get out of the box so she could introduce herself properly
 she said her name is Elana, she looked shorter in the box. i was really surprised by how big she was. guess im still the smallest girl in the group, but im ok with that.
 didnt take long for Elana to see we were in a hotel room.  "you live in a hotel?" i couldn't stop laughing. so i quickly explained about the flood and how we had to stay here for a few days so it all could dry. i think she was a little disipointed.
 i showed her around and told her she was welcome to stay in my tent as long as we had to stay at the hotel.
i love making new friends. :D


  1. Hi Lelu, and a big welcome to your new friend Elana!
    I am sure that the two of you will have some fun adventures together.
    So sorry to hear about the flood. Hope everything turns out okay.
    Have fun,

  2. How adorable the two of you are! I hope everything dries out ok!